Hello my dear friends. I’ve decided to jump on board this whole blogging thing and maybe it wasn’t the best decision because my awkwardness in real life will definitely still float around online. As it did in that last line.

I’ve had blogs previously dedicated to my writing but I decided to mash everything together this time to make it more… personal. So that people who are interested (maybe no one but it’s ok I’ll press on) can find out more about me. Ok now it just sounds like I’m looking for potential partners. Maybe this is the new Tinder. If you know anyone between 175-180cm who like Pentatonix please introduce us.

Anyways, I’m hoping to stay active here for as long as possible because I’m one of the laziest people alive and I might give up 45 seconds from now. For anyone who decides to follow my boring life story, I welcome you with open arms and a nice latte.

P.S If you’re interested in being friends my social media links are down below so let’s make friends yah


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