Extremely Short Story: Light

Hi friends. I’m back to annoy you all with a short story I wrote last year (when I say short I really do mean short). It’s definitely not one of my best pieces, but I don’t think it’s one of my worst one’s either. I can’t remember when exactly when I wrote it, but I remember stumbling across it a few weeks ago and it made me wanna cry. Sometimes writing (even if it’s my own) gets me. Do you get what I mean? Ok I’m not making sense anymore. Anyways, this piece is titled Light.

It felt like everything was going downhill. She sat there, rocking back and forth, slowly letting her pain engulf her. It was too much. The tears slowly slid down her cheeks, the mask she had on shattered.

She was tired of trying, tired of looking for light in the never ending tunnel of darkness. She had been hiding from the paint, afraid of what nightmares it might bring. But yet at the same time, she longed to see the vibrant colours once again.

She was about to close her eyes and succumb to the pain, when the room suddenly lit up. She glanced down at the rectangle light, that small glimpse of hope coming back. She picked it up and placed it against her ear.

“I was just in time, wasn’t I?” The other voice whispered.

She smiled to herself and said, “Like always.”

And just like that, the pain was left behind in the dark as she took a step into the light.


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