Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

For those of you who know me, I own maybe a little too much makeup for an 18 year old. For starters, I have 16 lipsticks and only 1 mouth. I might be a little too obsessed with lipstick as you can tell. And that’s why today’s post is a review on NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC).

I first stumbled across NYX while wondering around Sephora one day. Being a drugstore brand in the U.S, it was much cheaper than brands such as Bare Minerals which are carried by Sephora. I was looking for a nude lipstick, and decided to give the colour in Abu Dhabi a try.

I have extremely pale looking lips by nature, and without lipstick, I look really sick (people actually think I’m ill when I forget to apply lipstick occasionally). The SMLC in Abu Dhabi (a warm nude) works really well with my skin tone, making my lips look less pale then usual without looking too unnatural. I usually opt for that colour on my lazy days when I just go with minimal eyeliner and mascara.

Since I loved Abu Dhabi so much, I decided to look for the SMLC in Copenhagen (a vampy purple) and Transylvania (a dark, intense purple that might appear black). I had seen these 2 colours popping up online quite often, and I usually prefer a dark lip colour. It was close to impossible to get these 2 colours from Sephora since they were in such high demand. After close to 2 months of waiting, I got impatient and decided to get them from NYX’s online store and in 3 weeks, my new SMLCs had arrived. I have to admit that I’ve yet to try out Transylvania as the colour appears to be a little to dark for daily use. I do use my Copenhagen often though, and I’m close to finishing my first tube.

I love the fact that the SMLC comes with a wand, because it makes application so much easier. Applying any sort of lipstick in dark colours can be tricky sometimes, and the wand makes application so much quicker and easier. The tube itself is also relatively small and easy to carry around so touch-ups are made so much simpler.

However, a downside to using the SMLC is how drying it can be to the lips. Nude colours like Abu Dhabi make it less obvious that my lips are really dry and starting to crack. Darker colours such as Copenhagen make it really obvious how dry and cracked my lips are. A simple way to counter this would be to apply a lip moisturiser or lip balm about 5-10 minutes before you apply your lipstick (ie. when you start with your eye makeup). This usually works for me. Alternatively, you could simply apply your lip balm over the SMLC, although I find that this takes away the matte effect of the lip cream.

I also find that when I re-apply the SMLC, the colours tend to intensify more. This works fine with Abu Dhabi, but for Copenhagen, the colour tends to get darker and more vampy, which can make me appear more intimidating and scary (I have been told this countless times).

I’m usually a lazy person, so I often give lip liners a miss. That works out fine for light and nude colours of the SMLC. I find that using my Copenhagen without a lip liner makes the colour appear a little uneven, and overtime, the centre of my lips appear to be a different colour. Hence, I usually resort to having to line and fill in my lips with a lip liner of similar colour when I’m using my SMLC in Copenhagen. I do have to admit, that small extra step makes the colour stay on so much longer and better. It’s probably a sign from God to stop being lazy.

The easiest place to get SMLCs are from Sephora, and they go for $12 a tube. That being said, they are often low in stock due to the high demand. Alternatively, pop-up Watson’s sales usually stock them too, although they’re sold for slightly more ($15.90 a tube). Or if you’re lazy like me, you can order them online and get them shipped to Singapore. That way, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to get your favourite colours.

If you managed to get to the bottom of this post, I salute you and offer you a cookie because you survived 700 words of me trying to sound like a makeup professional when in all honesty, I’m just a broke teenager. 🙂


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