After spending close to 2 hours singing and dancing really embarrassingly at Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour in Singapore, I thought I’d write a review on the concert.

As expected, the music was great and she sounded amazing. I had good seats and the view was amazing. The backup dancer right in front of me was really hot and a cute guy was checking me out while I danced rather crazily. Taylor of course slayed the vocals and her outfits were amazing, but that’s not what I wanna talk about tonight.

Taylor’s known for the short pep talks she gives before songs on tour, and she gave one today before performing Clean (here’s a really great cover). The talk hit me so hard that I was singing through tears during the song. She was talking about how sometimes we find ourselves defined and labelled by how others see us. She goes on to talk about how different her life has been since she decided to not let what others say affect her.

Sure, it might be a marketing ploy, but what she said really hooked me. I’ve spent my entire life obsessing over how others would perceive me and the decisions I made. I’m an extremely self-conscious person, and I’ve spent most of my life worrying about how I look to others. I find myself obsessing over not only looks, but how others see me as a person. More often than not, I find myself worrying about my sarcastic side. I’m constantly worrying that others can’t tell the difference between my honesty and sarcasm.

It’s taken me awhile but I’ve come to realise that what matters most sometimes is how I look at myself. I may still be insecure about how I look, but I no longer feel too uncomfortable when people stare at me because of how I dress. I used to feel out of place because of my style of dressing, but I’ve come to embrace it as something that makes me unique and daring, and I’m honestly proud of myself for standing out in the crowd without feeling uncomfortable.

I may not feel proud and confident of myself 100% of the time, but I’m getting there. On my good days, I feel flawless. On bad days, I feel like the grossest person alive. It’s taking a lot of time and patience but I’m improving and that’s good enough for me. Maybe one day I’ll come to love not only how I look, but how I am inside too. After all, it’s the inner beauty that counts right?

All in all, it was a really great night and I’m glad I got to spend it with a really great friend (even though her psychotic fangirl side drives me crazy sometimes). The compliments we got because of our matching outfits kinda made my night and it felt like we were owning it. Thank you for spending the night singing and dancing like losers with me 🙂 Here’s a terrible photo of me trying to pose like Taylor in the last photo (I hope your eyes don’t bleed). Hope you all have a great week!!!

IMG_9467 IMG_9471 IMG_9504


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