Walk Away 

I’ve spent countless night asking myself

If you really deserve that spot on the shelve

Everyday I spend hours awake

Trying to numb and dull that ache


I tell myself that setting you free

Is a hundred times better than seeing me


They say that love is sacrifice

But I’m still empty for all of twice


I’ll walk away and leave you behind

Yet spend every night hoping you’ll change your mind


For all the nights I’ve cried myself to sleep

For all the memories I’m trying to keep


For placing your happiness over mine

For suffering to make you shine


Now I know how they were right

Being in love doesn’t mean you’ve won the fight


If you read this know there’s nothing left to say

That can make me change my mind and decide to stay


Maybe one day you’ll look back and see

That because I love you it ruined me


I’ll never mean to you how much you mean to me

And alI I can do is hope you’ll never forget me


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