It’s somehow the end of the year again. I figured everyone’s going to be going on really long rants/recounts of the year and I wanted to be different so I’m just going to keep it short and sweet.


Just kidding, everyone knows I rant and write a lot so once again, if you make it to the end, you get a free cookie and a hug (I say this in every post but no one has actually claimed it and it kinda makes me sad so please friends come get your cookies).

2015 was no doubt the most eventful year for me, and things just kept piling up. I found myself at the lowest point of my life and to be completely honest, I’m still there but it’s okay. If things don’t get better, it’s not the end (I really hate this quote but it’s really apt and a friend spent the year drilling that into my brain so here it is).


Instead of focusing on all the things that have gone wrong this year, I thought I’d do something a little different. So here’s 15 things/lessons I’ve learnt this year.

P.S: Some are more serious while others are more light hearted


1. It’s okay to be different 

I’ve always hated standing out in the crowd because I hate attention (typing this I laughed to myself because I somehow always end up in the spotlight for the wrong reasons). I’d rather fly under the radar and fit in with everyone than be me and be different. I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter what others think. As long as I’m happy being who I am, that’s fine. It doesn’t matter if you’re different from everyone else, because we weren’t made to be the same. We were all made different and unique, and we shouldn’t be afraid to be us just because other people don’t like it. Those people don’t matter. What matters is that you’re happy with  yourself.



2. Change isn’t always bad 

Like I said in a previous post, I hate change. But the past year has made me realise that we do change for the better (90% of the time at least), so it’s okay to look in the mirror and not recognise yourself once in awhile. As long you know you’ve changed for the better, then it’s okay. It’ll feel weird not knowing who you are for awhile, but you’re not alone in feeling that.


3. Work hard to improve 

I may have learnt this through VT but it really applies to everything else. You work hard because you want to improve and excel at whatever you do. No one else can force you to want to improve and learn. It has to come from you. It doesn’t matter if you suck at it (like how I suck at singing despite being in VT for two years). If you work hard to want to improve, you’ll get there eventually.


4. It’s okay to binge watch TV 

To be completely honest, it isn’t okay because

a. It’s really bad for your eyes

b. You’re just wasting away precious time

c. You’ll become lazy and fat from all the snacking (like me)


But then again, some alone time in bed with a good show is always a great way to unwind (or at least it works for me). I spent a large part of my school holidays this year binging on Arrow, The Flash, Bones, Orange is the New Black and Friends. This means that 95% of my holidays are spent in bed which was fine by me because I like being alone sometimes.



5. Exercise is important 

This is honestly very ironic coming from me because I’m probably one of the laziest people alive. You know those people who lie in bed then tilt their laptops sideways so they don’t have to turn their head? That’s me. But still, I tried my best to do a little cardio at home at least once a week this year and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Sometimes working out is a really good stress reliever and it makes you feel less guilty for eating all those snacks while watching Bones. I’m too lazy to go to the gym so I just follow this video from Blogilates whenever I work out (someone called it a white girl workout but whatever it works for me).


6. It’s okay to be obsessed with K-Pop 

If you’re a close friend of mine (or if you follow me on Twitter), you’ll know I’ve turned into K-Pop trash recently. I’m obsessed with Big Bang (specifically T.O.P & G-Dragon) and everyone around me thinks I’m going crazy. I can explain myself. I may not understand what they’re singing 100%, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying their lyrics (or at least the translations of it). It’s also a whole lot easier to not overthink the lyrics because well, they’re in Korean (which I’m trying to learn now in an attempt to “improve myself”). Plus, they’re really cute (no I am not crazy because look at T.O.P & GD). And yes, I have a folder on my laptop labelled Big Bang.



7. Love means a whole lot of sacrifice 

Love is never simple. It’s always complicated and messy and painful. But what I’ve learned this year is that love also means sacrifice. I’ve sat through countless homilies in church that emphasised this, but this year I finally understood what it really meant. It may be romantic love or the love you have for a friend or a family member. It doesn’t matter which love it is, because you only realise how much you love someone after looking at all that you’ve sacrificed for them. You put that person over yourself and that’s what love is.


8. Crying helps

I always used to think that crying was a form of weakness, and I hated myself for crying because I thought that it made me weak. But as I’ve come to realise this year (especially the past 4 months), crying everything out helps. I’m talking about those few tears you shed once in awhile. I’m talking full on sobbing with tissues all over your bed while you’re curled in a fetal position. This probably isn’t healthy but it helps me. Keeping everything inside means we’re bound to bubble over once in awhile and that’s okay. We’re all humans with feelings we don’t know how to deal with.



9. It’s okay to own tons of makeup

As I’m typing this, I’m waiting for my haul from e.l.f to arrive and I might be a little to excited. I’ve come to realise the past year that makeup is my best friend (slight exaggeration). I rarely leave the house without concealer because my eyebags make me look like the devil. I used to think makeup was rocket science but after spending a month staying up till 3am to watch tutorials, it’s become so much fun. To be able to make myself look completely different is amazing. Not that I hate how I look but come on, who wouldn’t want black lips (yes I’m very into grunge and boho looks now)?


10. You’re a lot stronger than you think you are

We can handle more than we think we can. I’ve come so close to giving up on life this year, but I always somehow find myself finding the strength to carry on even though I don’t want to. Surround yourself with people who are patient and will care enough to help you get back on your feet. No one said you have to suffer through life alone. The people around you will inspire you to press on even when you don’t want to, and I speak from experience here.


11. It’s okay to starve once in awhile to buy that nice dress

For everyone who knows me, when I say awhile I mean all the time. I’ve gotten used to eating budget in order to make my wardrobe look good. Once again, probably not a very healthy habit but I’m too vain to care at the moment. I’ll probably look back when I’m 25 and laugh at myself for sacrificing that nice steak for some boho skirt or crop top. But in all honesty, treat yourself every once in awhile because no one will care for you more than you.



12. Family matters more than you think

As much as they annoy us and we hate them, they really are our everything. They’re the ones who will be behind you when everyone else has walked away. You can never say “I love you”enough because you’ll regret it when it’s too late (I speak from experience here). Also, if you have siblings, friendly banter is something you’ll look back at and laugh one day because it’s the memories that will stick with you.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


13. Always say yes to a chocolate chip cookie

No explanation is needed. Take the damn cookie (or cookies in my case) and forget about the calories.


14. It’s okay to admit you need help

It took me forever to come to terms with it but I finally did. Admitting you need help doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger because admitting you need help is honestly the hardest step there is. We’re afraid of being perceived as weak if we reach out to others. But do it. We all need someone once in awhile and it’s okay to admit that you’re not strong enough to make it through the problem alone.

15. Learn from everything

Don’t stop learning. Take everything in your stride and pick yourself up whenever you fall because as cliched as it sounds, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As long as you have an open mind, it’ll all be alright.


So that sums up what I’ve learnt this year. It probably isn’t much to you, but life really threw me a lot this year and I’m honestly surprised I’m still alive. If you made it here, please come and claim your cookie and your hug okay. Here’s hoping 2016 will be better. Happy holidays everyone!!! Here’s a cute photo of T.O.P & GD as Santa to brighten your day.













P.S: The featured photo is of Gen & I because she has really been my rock this year


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