2015 Favourites

Since I’m looking back at 2015, I thought it’ll be interesting to look back at it in another different way. You know how more influential and important people look back at their favourite products/movies/songs etc from 2015? Well I decided to do that too.

To be completely honest with you, I’m taking this blogging thing a lot more seriously than a teenager should. But then again, it’s fun pretending my opinion matters when really it doesn’t. So without more ranting, here are my favourite things from 2015.


Because music is my life, narrowing it down to 5 songs honestly took me like an hour. I’ve also included a link to all the songs to make it easier for you to find them because I’m thoughtful person (just kidding I’m really not).

1. I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran

Tori really broke out this year and honestly, I’m so proud of her. Her vocals are amazingly powerful and her lyrics are ridiculously on point. This song honestly hit me in the feels and the first time I heard it, I started crying like the emotional wreck I am. Of course having Ed Sheeran on the track only made it better. It’s one of Tori’s more chill songs and definitely something down my alley.

Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio


2. For Love by The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows are one of my favourite local music acts, and I’ve been following them for about 3 years now. I remember hearing this song awhile back before it was released as an official single this year, and the lyrics really stuck with me. The essence of the band before they went more pop is still there, and the message of the song really pulled me in.



3. Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne 

Honestly, this is probably my all time favourite song. It’s a relatively old song and I only came across it a couple of years ago. It’s so different from Avril’s usual songs, and it’s one of those songs I feel she wrote about me or for me. I usually listen to it when I’m at low points in my life and it’s honestly a fantastic song to listen to when you’re crying by yourself at night. The lyrics are really fantastic so make sure you pay attention to them.



4. Say Something (c0ver) by Pentatonix

No one is probably surprised that Pentatonix is on my list. I’m a huge Pentaholic and they’re one of the reasons why I’m so interested in A Capella. Their take on this song is extremely emotionally charged, and Kirstie’s voice really makes you want to just curl up in a ball. You’ll need to listen to it to get why it’s so emotional. I honestly prefer this to the original song, and it’s one of my favourite arrangements from the group.



5. IF YOU by BigBang

I may have jumped back onto the K-Pop wagon again recently, but this song is honestly amazing. It’s one of those stripped down songs you’ll rarely hear BigBang do, and when sung live, the emotions the group puts in will make you cry even if you don’t understand the lyrics. The video I attached has the English translation at the bottom because I’m that thoughtful (just kidding you just really need to get the essence of this song). Yes, it’s about breakups, but the lyrics are written so differently. Plus, it’s the first time we hear GD & T.O.P sing properly and emotionally so get ready your tissues because T.O.P will make you cry with the opening line.




I read a lot, or at least I used to read a lot. I still pick up at least one book a month. Reading for me is a cheap way to escape reality whenever it gets too tiring to be me.


1. Zac & Mia by A.J Betts

I did a review of the book previously so everything I have to say about it is there. It may be a Young Adult novel but really anyone could read this and fall in love with Zac & Mia.




2. Still Alice by Lisa Genova

This is honestly a really amazing book, and I’m glad I stumbled upon it in Kinokuniya. Written from the POV of someone with early onset Alzheimer’s, the book follows her journey as she slowly loses herself. I honestly don’t know what pulled me in, but something about the story just made it so interesting. Maybe it’s her journey or the writing style the author took. Either way, this book really is a must read for those sentimental people like me.



3. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Those of you close to me would know this is my favourite book of all time. A story about a girl who commits suicide, what makes this story so interesting is the double narrative style the author took on. Two stories are being told at the same time: the story of the girl told through the tapes she recorded, and the story of the boy listening to the tapes. Watching the story unfold really is quite amazing, as you see both their thoughts at the same time. As morbid as the story is, it’s an interesting and different from all the other Young Adult novels out there.



4. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen needs no introduction I’m sure. This book is a classic and I’ll admit that the first time I read it when I was 10, it was really hard to understand the old English it’s written in. Nonetheless, this has to be my favourite Literature classic. Like everyone else, the story of Mr Darcy and Liz really pull me. I have to read this book at least once a year or else something in the universe feels off, as strange as it sounds.



5. Panic by Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver is probably more well-known for her Delirium trilogy which I have read as well. Seeing how well written the trilogy was (let’s forget about how it ended shall we), I decided to pick Panic up too as it seemed interesting. A story about two teenagers trying to escape their hometown, the strange story world seems relatable yet distant. I have to admit, it took me awhile to finish the book. But when I did, there was no regret. Extremely different from Delirium, Panic speaks of friendship and being independent, something I relate to really well.



TV Shows-

With all the countless hours I’ve spent in fictional worlds, it’s no wonder I need to wear spectacles. It was hard picking 5 too and just like I did for music, I included a link to the trailer for each show to make it easier for anyone interested.


1. Orange is the New Black 

In my opinion, this show really lives up to the hype. It’s interesting premise really hooks you from the first episode, and I’m already waiting for a season 4. I’ll confess to finishing all 3 seasons in a week. It’s themes are pretty mature so watch it at your own discretion.

giphy (2)


2. Bones

I came across this show because of a school assignment, and out of all the crime shows I’ve watched, this has to be my favourite. It focuses on more than the crimes, following the character developments of all the other characters as well. It’s so addictive, I somehow managed to watch 8 seasons in 3 weeks (I don’t know how I survived those 3 weeks to be honest). Oh and here’s a tip: don’t watch it while eating. The remains in the show look unbelievably real.



3. Pretty Little Liars

Most people think PLL is a chick-flick, but it really isn’t. The writers of the show are excellent at building tension and creating mystery, and to me, that’s what makes the show so appealing. The show somehow managed to hook me for 5 seasons, although I have to admit the big reveal promised was so disappointing I don’t intend on going back for season 6. Seasons 1-5 are extremely well-written though, so for those who love to solve puzzles, this show is definitely for you.

giphy (3)


4. Arrow

My brother introduced me to this show and it honestly turned out to be a lot better than I expected. Despite not knowing anything about the comics, the show is still easy to follow. The storyline gets more and more intricate with each season, and cross-overs with The Flash appeals to the fans of both shows. Also, Stephen Amell is ridiculously well-built (you’ll have to watch the show to fully appreciate this).



5. Eye Candy 

This show is probably one of the rare shows produced by MTV that actually isn’t trash (or at least in my opinion). It’s a 10-episode thriller series, and it would’ve been great to have had more episodes. Victoria Justice really has matured from her Nickelodeon days in the show, and it’s a refreshing change. The premise of the show is also unique and interesting, which is what appealed to me. Rather unfortunately, MTV decided to not continue with a season 2, so 10 episodes is all there is.

giphy (4)




I rarely watch movies because I can’t sit still for that long. My favourites are probably really strange then but still. Go watch them okay. No regrets.


1. Still Alice

Okay I know this is listed as one of my favourite books but the movie adaptation is amazing. Julianne Moore did a fantastic as the lead and she really deserved that Academy Award. I cried for like two hours straight watching the movie but be warned, it’s a little towards the artsy side so it might not be for everyone.



2. The Imitation Game

This movie is really brilliant. Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley really worked well together and their chemistry was amazing. I’m sure the story wasn’t 100% accurate, but the story of Alan Turing itself is an amazing one. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t watch movie willingly. My mum had to drag me to the cinema to accompany her but no regrets. It really is deserving off all the praise it got.



3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

I don’t care if this came out recently or if it didn’t really live up to the hype. Star Wars kinda was a big part of my childhood because my dad was such a big fan, and having a new episode come out really brought my family together again and it was so fun. The movie was really good in my opinion though, with a lot of small plot twists and surprises that crept up on the viewer. If you’ve already watched it, go watch it again because you can never watch it too many times. P.S Rey is goals.



4. Inside Out 

This movie is amazing. Like really amazing. It really is suitable for all age groups because I watched it with my sister and even she cried. All the talk surrounding the mental illness issue discussed in the movie is really interesting to read to. Disney really did a great job with this movie because they made me cry and I love movies that make cry. Also, Jealousy is like the cartoon version of me.

giphy (5)


5. Clueless 

Okay I know this movie is really old but I decided to watch this year and it really is one of the best chick flicks ever. Cher is one hell of a protagonist, and the story world is so foreign it’s intriguing to me. To be honest, it’s a really stupid movie. But it’s one of those movies that’s so stupid it’s entertaining. The Iggy Azalea parody really does it no justice so you have to watch it.





Just because makeup has become an integral part of my life the second half of the year. I really can’t leave the house without at least concealer or eyeliner now and I’m ashamed of that. My collection is really growing and I don’t have space anymore yet I keep shopping. Someone needs to stop me.


1. Stroke of Light (Bare Minerals)

This cost me $45 and it burned like the biggest hole in my pocket. I couldn’t say no to the Sephora saleslady but honestly now, I don’t regret it. It works really well as an eye brightener as well as as a concealer (mine is in the shade Luminous 2). It really makes me look less like the devil because it makes my eye-bags disappear.  It’s worth the price if you really need the concealing and brightening (like me).



2. Instant Age Rewind Concealer (Maybelline)

I read about this online and honestly, I’ve never seen a makeup product get so many good reviews. All the praise really made me want to get one and after months, I finally got one in the shade Medium (it’s ridiculously hard to find in Singapore). And it indeed lives up to the hype. It goes on and blends so easily I honestly got shocked. And it isn’t as creamy as the Stroke of Light so it’s better for daily usage cause I sometimes tend to forget it’s there. The sponge applicator makes application really easy too so overall, it’s super worth the price of $20.



3. Lash Sensational (Maybelline)

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this because I’ve used Maybelline’s mascaras previously and I didn’t really like them. But because I’m a real cheapskate, I got it because it was cheaper than a lot of other ones I’d been looking at. It really does make my lashes look longer and it doesn’t smudge as easily as the other mascaras I’ve tried before. It’s not heavy too so it doesn’t feel like your eyelashes are lifting weights, which makes it great for daily use (I don’t know why I use mascara almost on a daily basis but I do). It’s also easy to apply on tiny lashes (like mine) so you get an even coat.



4. Mineral Single Shadow (Innisfree)

Okay first off, it’s only $8 per colour. 8 FREAKING DOLLARS. That’s so cheap it feels like I’m stealing from them. And it’s honestly a lot better than what I expected from cheap eyeshadow. It blends so nicely and easily and the colours actually show on my skin (I have no idea why but some palettes don’t). I have them a matte and glitter one, and the matte really is heaven. The glitter ones can be a little tricky to apply because you might end up looking like Tinkerbell if you’re clumsy like me.



5. Naked Flushed (Urban Decay)

How I came across this amazing bronzer/highlighter/blush is a really great story. Are you ready? I found it at the bus stop. And yes, you read that right. I was going home one day and someone left it at the bus stop so I took it with me because I saw this little palette in there. And boy that was a great decision. I use this literally everyday because the bronzer is just that good. It works really well for me because it isn’t too intense, which makes it perfect for daily use. The highlighter isn’t too shimmery as well which is a 10/10 for me. I haven’t tried out the blush yet though because my face is too naturally flushed for blush.

urban decay naked flushed blush bronzer highlighter palette 5




I’d like to think I’m a fashionista but I’m really not so I don’t know why I bothered with this section. My style is also really weird so what I say hear probably doesn’t apply to anyone. Also, photo credits to whichever poor friend of mine had to stand behind the camera while I tried to pose nicely.


1. Crop Tops

Crop tops have really become a staple for me. I honestly own more crop tops than actual tops which is ridiculous because I often find myself struggling to find something to wear to church on Sunday. And yes, I’m that student in class who gets scolded for wearing crop tops. P.S I think Melo took this photo of me and she’s really a fantastic photographer P.P.S I’m sorry for making your eyes bleed




2. Birkenstocks

Call them Jesus sandals or Aunty shoes or whatever you want. But they really are crazy comfortable and they go with the boho vibe I give off so why not? P.S I took photo when I was twinning with my sister and I think it looks good so I’m proud of myself.




3. Anything Bohemian

I truly am obsessed with the bohemian/boho look. This also makes it really hard to find clothes I like at stores because it isn’t a common style in Singapore (although it is becoming more popular). But I don’t just do it half-heartedly with kimonos and flower headbands. I’ve gone full out with skirts and tops and body chains and rings and hats and gladiator sandals. This unfortunately makes me stand out a lot when I take the train but it’s okay. I think I;ve finally found a style that I look good in (or at least I think I do). Credits to Melo again because this photo looks like I’m at Coachella when it’s in SP.



4. Bandana

I have short hair so this really helps to keep my hair from flying into my face 24/7. My sister says it makes me look like a gangster but oh well. It’s convenient and goes with almost anything so it’s really convenient. I have one in black but I plan on getting more soon. Credits to Khai who took this really unglam photo of me without me knowing.




5. Hats

I honestly love me a good hat. It works on bad hair days or just as something to top of my look. I have a few Snapbacks, floppy hats and bowlers but I’m planning on getting a few caps too so I can expand my collection because it’s hard to match some of my outfits with the colours I currently own. My floppy hat is currently my favourite one because it really goes with the boho/grunge thing I have going on. Credits to Ben’s SnapChat skills (I posed for the photo without knowing what was happening because I thought it was a spontaneous photoshoot in a food court).

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 1.01.24 am



So that was a really long post and I apologise to anyone who actually read anything. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve and see you guys (whoever actually reads this) in 2016!!! 🙂


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