16 Things

Somehow the first day of 2016 is over. I honestly have no idea how that happened and time needs to stop passing by so quickly. The most productive thing I did today was probably watch Blackfish (I’ll attempt to write a revenue on that later because it was just that good).


2015 was probably the worst year I’ve had ever and I think people close to me will know why. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to last year so 2016, let’s accomplish at least these 16 things shall we?

1. Finish a short story

I haven’t written a complete one in ages and  I hate myself for that. I have so many ideas and half-written stories lying around the house and I feel so unaccomplished because well, I’m studying to be a writer. I should be able to at least finish one short story this year right? Come on Hannah, just a 2 000 word one will do.


2. Learn Korean

I laugh at myself because well, I have turned into K-Pop trash. But the language is honestly really interesting, and I’ve always wanted to learn a third language by myself. I tried French once but it was so hard. This time I’m determined to get it though. So as the Koreans always say, FIGHTING!!!


3. Build my makeup collection

Okay yes once again, I am obsessed with makeup and my mum says I have too much for a teenager (even though I own really little in my opinion). I used to think only brands like Bare Minerals and Urban Decay were “good”. They are but I’ve learnt that there are so many other brands out there that are more wallet-friendly. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a drawerful by the end of the year (sincerely hope my mother isn’t reading this because she will freak out).


4. Spend more time with my family

Even as I type this, I know how hard it’ll be because of school and other commitments. As much as I hate being home sometimes, I really love spending time with my family. I don’t think my parents know how much I hate going into Johor with them, but I do it because I get to spend time with them. So 2016, please let me find more time to be with my family.


5. Pack food to school

Okay this might seem really lame but hear me out. I’ve been wanting to pack lunch to school since I was like 15 but I never did because I always too lazy to prepare it the night before. But I am determined to this year and I even planned out what to bring to school for the first 2 weeks so I hope this works. And I hope I stop being lazy.


6. Dye my hair some crazy colour

I actually already have plans for this but I have no money to fund my plans (story of my life). I plan on dyeing my hair an ombre purple myself (with the help of Gen actually) so hopefully it doesn’t turn out terrible. If you think I should try out some other colour, leave a comment below and I might consider it!!!


7. Learn to harmonise

I’ve been in VT for two years and I still can’t get the hang of it. It honestly makes me feel like shit knowing I’m on of the few people in the club who can’t harmonise. But I am so determined to learn to harmonise by the end of this year.


8. Successfully bake

The keyword here is “successfully”. I’ve tried baking cookies and that turned out to be a colossal failure (even though it was a mix I bought from the store). I’ve always had my mum (or Gen) help me but I’m determined to bake something myself this year. Hopefully I succeed this time.


9. Do a cover

I’ve been wanting to start doing covers for ages, but I honestly think my singing makes people cry so doing covers won’t be a good idea. But I like singing a lot so why not? I need to find friends to help me though because a. I can’t play an instruments b. I do not have recording equipment and c. I have no idea how this cover thing works. So if you know someone who can help me, please help a friend out and let me know!!!


10. Maintain this blog

I’ve had a few blogs in the past and I never maintained them. I would tell myself to post once a week but I’d get lazy and tell myself “It’s okay no one reads it anyway”. But WordPress lets me see how many people read my blog so to the 40 people who are kind enough to, I’ll do this one for you guys.


11. Revamp my wardrobe

Okay I’ve actually been doing this slowly for the past 2 years but I recently cleared out my closet because I didn’t wear half the things in there anymore. I’ve been sort of finding my style and what I feel good and look comfortable in and I finally have an answer: boho/grunge. So it’s time to slowly add more pieces to my eclectic collection of clothing (my brother calls my clothes trash I pick up on the way home).


12. Pray everyday

Ever since I started poly, I’ve stopped saying a prayer before I sleep every night, and it’s honestly a habit I want to pick up again. I’m not insanely religious but it’s something my parents have instilled in me since I was young, and I am proud to be a Catholic, so it’s time to let my actions speak louder than my words.


13. Catch up with old friends

I have so many friends I’ve stopped talking to over the past year and sometimes I actually ask myself if i should still be friends with them (which is a terrible thing I do because I am a shitty person). But I am determined to talk to these people again because I believe we meet everyone for a reason.


14. Remember birthdays

I never remember birthdays. Not my close friends, or people important to me. I can’t even remember when Gen’s birthday is and last year I panicked. So this year, I am determined to remember at least the birthdays of those I hold close in my heart. God that sentence sounded gross.


15. Start dancing again

I really miss dancing so much even though I suck at it. But I spent 10 years of my life dancing so it’s kind of become a part of me I can’t get rid of even though I haven’t danced in 2 years. I mean come on, I watch K-pop videos and learn the choreography so that says something about me. Maybe I’ll just start recreationally or learn it off YouTube but one day I will go back to dancing.


16. Go to a club

Who are we kidding. I’ll never set foot in a club. My dad’s been offering to chaperone because he says I need to go at least once. But here’s the thing. I hate crowded places, I hate loud music, I hate drinking in public. So what exactly is the point of bringing me to a club?



So there’s 16 things I plan on doing in 2016. They probably are considered resolutions and hopefully I stick to them. Maybe I’ll do a recap here every month to see what I’ve done. If you have any resolutions for 2016, share them with me because I’m a busybody. See you guys around!!! 🙂


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