We: A Short Story

They sat on opposite ends of the room, watching each other cautiously. She could hear the emptiness ringing loud in her ears as she watched his silhouette shift. The unspoken words of the past two months had painted the room a chilly grey. 

She watched him slowly make his way next to her, and she could feel his hesitance seeping into her veins the moment he sat down next to her. Still she refused to move, refused to acknowledge the stranger sitting next to her. 


He watched her stare blankly at the mirror ahead, his mind a mess. He clenched his fists and heaved a sigh, glancing at her to see if she’d react. She made no move. Slowly, he reached out a trembling hand and brushed the hair out of her face, tucking them behind her ears. 

He reached out to remove her spectacles but the shadow of her whispered. “Don’t.” He jumped, her first word to him in weeks tearing him apart. Still he removed them, feeling her tense beneath his touch. 

His hand lingered on her cheek as he brushed away a tear. “Look at me,” he whispered, turning to face her completely. She ignored him as she gently pushed his hand away, fingers cold as ice. 


“Please,” he begged, his voice hoarse. She could tell he was on the verge on tears, so she slowly turned and stared into his eyes. His once familiar gaze now made her sick to her stomach, yet she somehow found the will to keep her eyes locked him. 

She felt his hand reach out for hers and automatically moved her hand away. She saw his resolve falter, but nothing in her flickered. She had lost herself in him once, but looking back, she couldn’t see how. 

His once assuring smile made her tremble, and his promises seemed as empty as her heart felt. His presence no longer made her feel safe, instead it made her want to escape as fast her weak legs could carry her. 


Her eyes were a blank canvas he could no longer recognise, empty of life. “Talk to me,” he pleaded with her.  “Tell me what’s wrong.” 

He watched her eyes flick to the mirror then back to him. He could slowly feel the frustrating seeping into his veins, but he’d sworn to himself he would stay calm. Anything for her. 

“Zara please. I need to know what’s happening,” he said as he reached out to her, but she stood up and walked towards the mirror. She reached a thin hand out and began tracing her face in the mirror, her eyes never leaving his reflection as she drew out her own haunted face.

“At least tell me what we are,” he whispered, his voice threatening to crack once again.


“Nothing,” she whispered softly, almost inaudible to even herself. “We’re nothing.”

She saw him falter as he made his way over to her, stopping her from playing with the demon in the mirror. For a moment it felt like her hand was going to snap under his touch. But he let go of her and turned her around to face him. 

“How can we be nothing after everything?” he asked quietly, fighting the urge to give up and walk away. He had made a promise to himself, a promise to fight for her no matter what happened. 

“It’s because of everything. That’s why we’re nothing,” she whispered, staring straight through him. He felt himself tense up and sighed. 

“Enough with the games Zara,” he said in exasperation. “I deserve an explanation after everything we’ve been through.” 


Her quiet yet haunting laugh echoed in the quiet room. “We? There never was a ‘we’ Adam,” she said sadly. “There’s nothing to say.”

“Nothing to say? How blinded are you that you have nothing to say when we’re here?” he asked loudly, bewildered. She could feel herself breaking into tiny pieces the more he raised his voice, so she softened hers. 

“Give me one reason why I should say something,” she said, finally looking into his crazed eyes. 


He’d never felt more frustrated in his life. After all the times he’d told her he loved her, how could she do this to him? How could she just cast him aside as if he was nothing when she was everything? 

He laughed to himself and said, “After all I’ve done, after how hard I’ve fought, you ask me for one reason? Oh Zara, I could give you a hundred.” 

His eyes were starting to well up in anger, and he could feel his hands shaking under her intense yet empty gaze. 


“Not once did I hear you say that you were fighting for us. You always said you were fighting for me, but never us. Who exactly are you fighting against Adam? No one in the world wanted me except you, yet you made it seem like nothing was on our side,” she whispered, her eyes red with tears. “I don’t want someone who makes me feel like shit but says otherwise. I don’t want somebody who fights for me instead of us. I don’t want you.” 

She looked up from her shoes and saw that spark in his eyes break. Someone she had once loved had turned into a complete stranger in front of her eyes, and she had never felt happier. She no longer knew who he was. 


He heard the words leave her mouth, but he couldn’t register that it was him she was talking to. He’d given her everything he had, and she had given him nothing in return. That was why they were in this position. It wasn’t his fault, it was hers.

“You never loved me Adam. You just cared for me more than you cared for anyone else, and you mistook that for love,” she whispered into his ear as she walked towards the door. 

He took a deep breath before turning around and reaching for her arm. He spoke so quietly he wasn’t sure if he had actually said those words or just thought them. “Tell me, what was I to you then?” 

She stopped in her tracks, her frail hand on the door knob. “Someone I never took seriously,” she whispered in a trembling voice. “Someone I wished I had never loved.”

And just like that, he watched her shut the door and leave, taking his heart with her. She was out of sight before he knew it, and so was love.

Hello friends!!! I hope y’all enjoyed that depressing story even though it  makes literally zero sense to even me.  I kind of got the idea for it after watching this Korean web-series called The Secret Message (it’s amazing and only 10 episodes to everyone should watch it) and after listening to a friend’s story. I haven’t written anything in ages so this probably deserves a 0/10 but let me know if you enjoyed it!!! Hope 2016 has been treating everyone well so far (because it’s been terrible for me so far) and see you guys around!!! 🙂

P.S: I wrote while listening to IF YOU by BIGBANG and I started crying so if you want to you should go back and read that again while listening to the song because it’s depressing.


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