The Prince and Princess

Her mother told her when she was young 

That one day her knight would come 

So she believed what her mother said 

And waited for the hero in her head 

Prince One snuck up and surprised her 

And wooed her with words so amateur 

Yet she fell for him and his sweet words 

But soon she realised he was never hers 

Another girl held his stone cold heart 

And just like that she was torn apart 


Prince Two was as charming as they came 

And he managed to reignite her flame 

She thought he was all she ever wanted 

Because she never knew her passion he hated 

Eventually she realised she had to let go 

Of the boy she had hesitantly given her soul 


Prince Three she never looked at twice 

Until one day she realised he was treating her nice 

She let him in because she thought he changed

But she was proven wrong and left deranged 

A poison that seeped through her veins 

She never really did break his chains 


Prince Four grew on her after almost a year 

And made her feel like she was truly a dear 

She thought that he was the one she could trust 

But two months in she was left in the dust 

He weaved her lies that were never-ending

Which left her tattered and scarred heart bleeding 


Together the four had broken her down 

And caused her countless painful breakdowns 

Her self esteem and trust were gone 

Because four young boys had treated her wrong

A voice in her head hated her reflection 

The silver in her hand a coping mechanism


Her mother told her when she was young 

That one day her knight would come 

Today she sits with tears in her eyes 

Because she realised it was all just a lie 

Hello friends!!! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here. The idea of princes and princes has been floating around my K-Pop trash brain for awhile, and I came up with the first stanza while removing my makeup tonight HAHAHA I personally feel like my writing is getting more and more terrible but still, I thought I’d share this with you. Hope January treated everyone great and see you guys around!!! 🙂


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