She was whole
Quiet words and shy whispers
Gently rocked by waves unknown
Stable thoughts with stable hands

She was partly whole
Unspoken thoughts swirled within
Tiny cracks and fissures hidden deep
Questioned thoughts and shaking hands

She was fractured
Silent screams drifted with the wind
Pieces forgotten on the ground
Floating thoughts and trembling hands

She was broken
Emotions and thoughts streaked red
A shattered soul abandoned yet freed
Echoed thoughts with scarred hands

She was gone
Red inscribed into flesh and bone
Hollowed out and left to be empty
Unconscious thoughts and trembling hands

She was dead
Love and life seeped in pools of red
Invisible yet watched by many
Precious thoughts with peaceful hands


I wrote this poem about 2 years ago and I honestly feel like it’s trash but at the same time it’s my favourite (if that makes any sense). The style of writing is really different from what I write now but as usual I cried writing this (because I’m emotional af remember) but I thought I’d share it with here because I’ve been feeling pretty shitty lately and as usual I have no one to talk to.


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