Review: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever

I think everyone knows about my obsession with K-POP and my favourite group BTS. They recently dropped a special album and being the music junkie / K-POP trash I am, I decided to do a review of the album and talk about my favourite songs in the album. Bear in mind this is just my very unimportant opinion and amateur thoughts. So for anyone actually interested in K-POP or BTS, keep reading please!!! 🙂 As expected, this post is insanely long so I actually encourage you to skip it.

First off, the album comes in 2 versions: Day and Night. Of course being the gross piece of trash I am, I decided to get both of them. My Day version was a first pressed version that came with a Dope and Polaroid PC whilst my Night version just came with a Polaroid PC. I’d like to take this chance to thank my lucky stars for giving me PCs of members that I stan because J-Hope. That should be enough explanation.

Now you might be wondering why I need both versions if the songs on them are the same. The photos in the photobook are different and honestly speaking, one can never have too many photobooks of Bangtan because they are just tiny angels.

Being a special album, it came with songs from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1 as well as Part 2, and also featured 3 new songs as well as remixes. The track list is as follows:

Disc One:

Track 1 – INTRO: 화양연화 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life 

Track 2 – I NEED U 

Track 3 -잡아줘 Hold Me Tight 

Track 4 – 고엽 Autumn Leaves

Track 5 – Butterfly (Prologue Mix)

Track 6 – Run

Track 7 – Ma City

Track 8 – 뱁새 Silver Spoon

Track 9 – 쩔어 Dope

Track 10 – 불타오르네 Fire

Track 11 – Save Me 

Track 12 – EPILOGUE: Young Forever 

Disc Two:

Track 1 – Converse High 

Track 2 -이사 Moving On 

Track 3 -Whalien 52

Track 4 – Butterfly

Track 5 – House of Cards (Full Length Edition)

Track 6 – Love is Not Over (Full Length Edition)

Track 7 – I NEED U (Urban Mix)

Track 8 – I NEED U (Remix)

Track 9 – Run (Ballad Remix)

Track 10 – Run (Alternative Mix)

Track 11 – Butterfly (Alternative Mix) 

Overall, the album is pretty much familiar because of all the old songs, and the remixes just change it up a little. The only new songs on the album are the full length versions of House of Cards and Love is Not Over, which were OUTROS on the previous two mini albums.

Fire, Save Me and EPILOGUE: Young Forever are the 3 new songs on the album, but I’ll go into detail individually, so let’s move on shall we? As usual, the music videos are linked on the headers so you can check out the songs if you’re interested 🙂

불타오르네 Fire

I’m not gonna lie, this is usually the type of song I hate. But I actually like this song and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because this is Bangtan and I will like anything BigHit throws at me.

This song is different from BTS’ usual style, which is usually similar to that of I NEED U. The title track off the album, the song is described as an energetic electronic dance song, and that’s exactly what it is.

The song has ridiculously catchy beats and lyrics, which makes it easy to sing along too. Despite being of a different style, the lyrics follow the theme of all the other songs, and talk about living life to the fullest with no regrets.


Suga’s “불타오르네 “(bultaoreune) line in the song is the most catchy thing ever,  and together with V going “싹 다 불태워라 (ssak da bultaewora) Bow wow wow” and Jimin’s “Errbody say La la la la la“, the song has really fulfilled it’s purpose of being catchy because trust me when I say you’ll find yourself singing along to the song randomly throughout the day.

I know I may be biased towards the rap line because they are my favourite, but they really deliver in this song, especially J-Hope. Yes he is my bias but have you heard him and Rap Monster on the same verse? Their teamwork is amazing.

With such an upbeat song, of course you need some killer choreo to go with the song, and the group really didn’t fail to deliver. The dance to this song is honestly phenomenal and insanely intense, and I have no idea how they managed to get it so in sync. Jungkook and Jin’s parts during the pre-choruses are the right amount of sexy and cute, leaving fans like myself a mess on the floor.






The choreo hits a climax during the bridge of the song, where we have 3:33 Jimin. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the music video at 3:33 and you’ll get it. That thing they all do with their feet? I think only angels can do them.

giphy (1).gif

Overall, the song is a definite hit for me and it’s probably the only EDM song I’ll ever listen to.

Save Me 

This song is more similar to Bangtan’s usual style and like most of the songs on the album, talk about young love. The song falls into the genre of Pop EDM to me, although the lyrics are actually pretty meaningful.

As always, I’m pulled in by the poetic lyrics, especially during the chorus and rap verses. I personally find that V shines a lot in this song as his voice really carries across the emotions in the song.


Like Fire, I am obsessed with the rap verses in the song, especially Rap Monster’s verse. If you listen to the song with headphones on, the alternate between the left and right side during his verse is captivating, and the tempo of his verse is one of my favourites from the group.

The group really never fails to deliver with their choreo, and the dance during the break after chorus is so captivating you can’t take your eyes off them. I especially like the dance during J-Hope and Rap Monster’s verses because the dance moves are just so intriguing to me.

giphy (4)giphy (3)

I personally find that the dance for this song leans more towards the contemporary side as compared to their usual street style of dance, and I definitely want more dances like this, especially with Jimin’s background in it.

giphy (2)

The lyrics and dance together make the song a big yes for me and one day, I will learn the dance to this song. Not today, but someday.

EPILOGUE: Young Forever

This was the new song dropped by the group during the lead up to the release of their album, and just like the other 2 new songs, is different from their usual style.

The song has an anthem feel to it, which makes it a crowd favourite among fans as it’s easy to sing along too, especially during the choruses. Unlike most of their songs, it focuses on the stories of the boys and how they reached their dreams.

Young Forever

The rap line takes the main stage in this song for me, as they verses are so raw and honest. Rap Monster speaks about his insecurities in “오늘 뭐 실수는 없었었나 (oneul mwo silsuneun eopseosseonna)”, and J-Hope mentions how fame won’t last forever in his line “언제까지 내 것일 순 없어 큰 박수갈채가 (eonjekkaji nae geot il sun eopseo keun baksugalchaega)”. 

The chorus of the song is goose bump inducing, with it’s touching and relatable lyrics, especially when the rap line goes “꿈, 희망, 전진, 전진 (kkum, huimang, jeonjin, jeonjin) dreams, hopes, forward, forward”.

giphy (7)

The music video for the song is so cinematic and beautiful that you really have to watch it for yourself to understand. The lighting and the sky is just so amazingly purple and pink that I honestly wouldn’t believe you if you told me it was natural.

giphy (5)giphy (6)

I’ll admit that I’m still on the fence with this song, because I honestly cannot tell if I like the emotions it brings or if I hate how emotional and touching this song is. Yes, I’m that weird.

If you’ve made it this far into the post, you must either really love BTS, care about my useless opinion or have nothing better to do. And if you thought I was done talking about Bangtan, of course I’m not. I still have my favourite songs to talk about 🙂 I promise to keep it to one short paragraph per song so here we go!!!

House of Cards (Full Length Edition)

Everyone knows I love poetic lyrics and strange analogies so of course this song is on the list. Featuring only the vocal team at their best, this song is honestly quite depressing (As all Bangtan songs are). Let’s pause for a moment to appreciate Jimin’s high note / moan shall we?

House of Cards

Butterfly (Prologue Mix)

I love the original version of this song with it’s poetic lyrics but this remix features a different second verse, with the rap lines removed. With only the vocal line on this version, it somehow made the song even more and emotional and I am obsessed.


I NEED U (Urban Mix)

Also known as the Slow Jam version, this song just takes one of my favourite BTS songs ever and makes even more emotional. Hearing the rap lines half sing their lines really makes it more raw and I know I’ve said it so many times but this song is really just meant to tug on your heartstrings.


Run (Ballad Mix)

Just like the song before, a ballad version of this song only made it more emotional and depressing, which is honestly enough to make me fall in love with. Plus the rap line sings so of course my heart is sold. And also Jungkook in the intro is literal heaven and I am not kidding. I’m 99% sure that’s what it sounds like in heaven.


Converse High

Rap Monster’s line “F your Chanel F your Alexander McQueen F your Raf Simons” and Suga’s “Converse Converse I really hate Converse” should be enough to sell the song in my opinion. But if that’s not enough the laid-back vibe of the song and unique analogy is a hook too.

Converse High

고엽 Autumn Leaves

My favourite poetic lyrics are at an all-time high in this song and I’m drawn in by the sad beat of the song because I love me a good beat and depressing lyrics and analogies. And also Suga’s verse in the song.

Autumn Leaves

뱁새 Silver Spoon

I’m not gonna lie, this song is a little weird. But the beat is catchy and the lyrics are so interesting it caught my attention right from the start. Also, the dance to the song is really cute.

Silver Spoon

잡아줘 Hold Me Tight

This song is so emotional and depressing that it’s right up my alley. Also, Jimin’s high note and J-Hope’s verse is enough to save all the lost souls in the world. Plus their live performances of it are amazing and it’s just perfect for a rainy day.

Hold Me Tight

If you actually made it to the end of this post, you truly are amazing and a great friend because you just read 1 800 words of me fangirling and you really deserve a prize. If you skipped right to the end, you made the smart choice because a 19 year old fangirl isn’t really a reliable music critic.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and safe and enjoying lots of chocolate. I hope this post has inspired you to like K-POP so we can be K-POP trash friends together. Just kidding don’t fall into the blackhole like me 🙂 See you guys soon!!!


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