K-Beauty Haul – 16.9.17

As I was doing this post, I realised why I’m broke. It’s not because of the clothes or K-Pop stuff I buy. It’s because of the amount of beauty products I have. Every “It’s below $20 I’m gonna get it omg” has accumulated to so much stuff I’m quite shocked to be honest.

Also, I decided to add a “Part 1” to the back of the title because despite what I just typed in the first paragraph, I know I’ll be getting more stuff because I have a long list of products on marked out on my laptop (this is true because in the week it took for me to write and upload this, I got 3 new products). Bear in mind I didn’t get everything in this list at once, it was collated over a few months and then mashed into one big “haul”.

I haven’t tried out everything in the list so I’ll be doing a review separately when I’m done testing them out (although I have mentioned a few of the products in my Daily Face post). I’m sorting everything by brand so it’s easier for me to link them so I hope you enjoy reading more useless information about me! P.S: All descriptions are taken from the official website of the respective brands.


Innisfree is probably my favourite Korean cosmetic brand because not only is it affordable, but I find that their products work well for the price. My Innisfree wishlist is ridiculously long but I’ve crossed a few items off that list which makes me both happy and sad.

Longwear Cover Cushion

“A long-lasting coverage cushion containing Jeju volcanic powder that helps keep your skin refreshed and bright for a long time”

I got mine in the shade 27 with 2 casings in design #49 and #100.

No-Sebum Mineral Powder

“A sebum-absorbing oil control powder that leaves a smooth finish”

I got the loose powder instead of the compact as I decided to use it as a setting powder for my makeup.


Auto Eyebrow Pencil

“Auto eyebrow pencil with oval shaped eyepbrow pencil lead.”

I got mine in the shade Espresso Brown which is similar to my natural brow colour.


Always New Auto Liner

“A multi-purposed auto eyeliner that automatically sharpens when the cap is closed – it’s as good as new every day.”

I got mine in the shade 16, which is this gorgeous pinkish-red and shade 4, which is a dark chocolate brown.

Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover

“A lip and eye makeup remover that effectively removes point makeup.”

The lady at the store told me this doesn’t remove heavy makeup but of course I’m putting that to the test.


Capsule Recipe Pack

The description depends on which type of pack you got, and I bought two: Bijia & Tea Tree and Jeju Volcanic.

Bijia & Tea Tree: “A wash-off pack with bija and tea tree oil for soothing and keeping the sensitive skin moisturized.”

Jeju Volcanic: “A clay pack with Jeju volcanic clusters for absorbing excessive sebum to keep pores clean.”

It’s Real Squeeze Mask

Just like the Capsule Recipe Pack, the description depends on the type of mask you choose and I have five: Rice, Tea Tree, Bijia, Aloe Vera and Green Tea)

Rice: “A face mask that contains the green complex and fresh natural ingredients to meet the needs for all skin conditions.”

Tea Tree: “A mask with tea tree ingredients to clear skin!”

Bijia: “A mask made with refreshing torreya oil to clear your skin!”

Aloe Vera: “A mask made with aloe vera to fully moisturize and soothe the skin.”

Green Tea: “Fresh green tea extracts in the mask provide a deep hydration treatment for the skin.”

Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner

“A daily pore treatment toner made with Jeju volcanic scoria to remove excess sebum”

I got this on impulse just like everything else I own in this list.


Etude House:

I never dared to step into Etude House previously because the shop is so pink it turns me off. But after watching countless beauty vloggers review Etude House products, I finally decided to cave and enter the pink den.

Play 101 Pencil

“This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.”

I got mine in the shade 49 which is a creamy dark brown.

Dear Darling Tint

“Easy to apply and long-lasting, this gel-based tint provides lips with a healthy, flushed look on lips.”

I got mine in the shade Real Red which is a bright vivid red.



Tony Moly:

I’ve only gotten face masks so far because I haven’t seen reviews for the rest of their products so let’s see what I try next!

I’m Real Mask

The descriptions for the masks depend on each mask and I have five: Red Wine, Pomegranate, Makegeolli, Avocado and Seaweed.

Red Wine: “Tightens uneven skin texture with enlarged pores.”

Pomegranate: “Provides hydration while promoting elasticity for your skin.”

Makegeolli: “Infused with natural oils to provide maximum elasticity and purification for your skin.”

Avocado: “Infused with natural oils to provide maximum elasticity and nutrition for your skin.”

Seaweed: “Micro emulsion-based essence that cleanses your skin with natural oils and waters through smooth absorption.”


Nature Republic:

They pulled out of Singapore which makes me sad but they have stores in Johor Bahru which is relatively nearby so that makes me slightly less sad.

Fresh Vegetable Pack

“Wash-off typed vegetable pack that provides nutrition and moisture to the skin with fresh vegetable water.”

I found this at some shop in Far East Plaza that sells Korean products so needless to say that shop is my new favourite shop.




Natasha first introduced me to this brand because she saw their stuff in the shop at Far East but also EXO sang about it in song so I thought why not?

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

“The long wearing tint dyes the lips with a bold yet delicate color that resembles quality wine while moisturizing the lips.”

I got mine from the shop in Far East Plaza in the shade RD02 Nebbiolo Red which is a slightly dark but intense red.



Holika Holika:

I’ve heard a little about this brand but it isn’t really on my must-try list because it’s a little on the pricier end for me.

Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel

“Facial peeling gel formulated with natural eggs from Mountain Jiri.  It sweeps away dead skin cells and dirt for a silky-smooth, supple skin.”

Mine looks slightly different from the original one because I paid more for the Gudetama version of it (to be honest the only reason I got this was Gudetama) but it’s just the packaging that’s different!



April Skin:

I have heard so much about this brand but it’s so hard to find in Singapore and really pricey when you actually find it 😦 I’m hoping someone brings it in for a reasonable price soon though!

Magic Snow Sun Cushion

“Ultra lightweight sun cream!”

The lady at the Far East store told me this is a really good sunblock that works as a radiating primer so I thought why not throw my money at her?




This is so expensive but I also own something from the brand so no wonder I’m broke really.

Air Cushion XP

“Cushion foundation that provides powerful protection against UV rays and delivers complete coverage.”

There are a lot of different versions of this cushion but I honestly have no idea which one I bought because I bought in in Malaysia and the salesperson only spoke Malay and I threw away the box because I’m stupid. Also this is in the shade C21 which is the wrong shade because I think only Snow White can use this shade (just look at how light 21 is). I might work as a highlighter though so I’m excited to try that out!


So that’s everything I collected over a span of about 3 months? It’s really no wonder my bank is always empty but I love playing with makeup and the dream is that someday someone will sponsor me. It’s a ridiculous dream but I’m 19 and allowed to dream. For those interested, I’ll try and do up a review by the end of the month. To everyone who couldn’t care less about makeup but still read this, it’s cookie time for you my friend 🙂



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