12 K-POP Songs For Rainy Days

I know it’s not rainy season now, but this post has been sitting in my drafts since November and I apologise on behalf of my procrastination.It’s alright, rainy days will pop up once in awhile, so grab a cup of tea and a book and get ready to snuggle under the sheets.

1. Sing For You – EXO

This song was released as part of their Christmas album, so it shouldn’t be a surprise this song made it on the list.

I find this song extremely soothing, and I love how smooth and calming the melody of the song is. It’s also perfect for nights where you lie in bed thinking about every bad decision you’ve ever made in your life (I speak from experience).

It’s one of those rare songs where there’s no rap, so it flows really well, and Chanyeol’s voice will just melt your heart.


“To me, sometimes I am no better than a stranger”

2. So So – Baek A Yeon

I can’t think of a better way to describe this song other than springy, although I doubt that makes much sense. It has a feel good vibe to it, and despite the upbeat feel to it, it’s a really good song for calming yourself down.

I love the message behind the song too, which may be slightly contrary to the melody of the song. But that’s just my style.

Plus, Baek A Yeon’s vocals are soothing and just look at how adorable she is.


“I’m starting to forget what love is supposed to feel like”

3. 봄날 (Spring Day) – BTS

To be completely honest, I didn’t really like this song when they first released it. But the moment I read the lyrics, the song had me.

The song speaks of missing a loved one, comparing it to a cold winter. The coming of spring is when these 2 meet again,  and as usual, BTS has stolen my heart with their poetic ways. I love how they compare time to the coldness of winter, where there is nothing alive.

I love the message behind the song, because it could apply to anyone. Friends, lovers, family could be that someone you miss. The track also has this warm awakening feeling, which is perfect for comfort on a rainy day.

bts “Morning will come again, because no darkness can last forever”

4. 11:11 – Taeyeon

I’m sure we’ve all gone through a heartbreak where everything seems to remind us of the person we used to love.

This is one of those songs you put on when you’re feeling down and it makes you sadder, and I’ve fallen asleep to this song on bad nights.

Taeyeon’s silky voice together with the acoustic music come together to create this track that will definitely tug on your heart strings.


I believe I’ll be over you”

5. 오랜 날, 오랜 밤 (Last Goodbye) – Akdong Musician 

This brother-sister duo never fails to impress me, but this might be one of my favourite tracks from them.

The song may sound like a typical break-up track, but there’s just something about the way the lyrics and tune come together to form something reassuring.

I love the introduction of the song and how comforting the harmonies are. Goodbyes seem deceivingly easy with this track.

akmu.pngWith my last voice, I’ll say my last goodbye”

6. 4 Walls – F(x) 

This song may not be easy-listening like the other songs in this list, but yet there’s something relaxing about it.

The lyrics to this song are abstract, and everyone interprets them in different ways. Comparing love to walls seems interesting to me, because I see it as either being surrounded by love or being suffocated.

The group’s vocals fit the song really well, although Amber’s lines in the song are my personal favourite.


I had the answers, but now they mean nothing”

7. 하루 하루 (Day by Day) Acoustic Version- BIGBANG

This is one of my all-time favourite breakup songs, but I prefer the live acoustic version to the studio one. When BIGBANG performs it live, everything from the harmonies to the crowd singing makes it so much more heart breaking.

The story behind the lyrics is similar to that of 11:11, but at the same time different. It speaks of one person’s sacrifice for the other, which is something I’ve always found relatable.

I also love how gentle the song sounds, as if it’s almost inaudible. It’s hard to put into words why I love this song, but it’s definitely a track to remember.


You have to move on so there is no regret in me”

8. 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go) – DAY6

DAY6 is one of my favourite bands out there, and this one was of the first songs from the group I first heard.

It has a message similar to Haru Haru, but what I like about it is how it progresses from a easy-listening acoustic track into a more upbeat and intense song. It’s the perfect song to sing along to when you’re having a bad day, and trust me when I say you’ll feel better after belting this out at the top of your lungs.

One of my favourite parts of the song is the A Cappella intro, where the harmonies just melt into your soul and makes you feel so much better. I’ll do up a full-length post on DAY6 soon, but this song is definitely one of my K-favourites.


“Like land that hardens after the rain, pain is only temporary”

9. One in a Million – TWICE

People who are close to me will know that TWICE is my favourite girl group out there, and despite their candy-pop image, I love this slower track.

I love the positive message behind this track, although it may seem a little cliche from the title. What’s better than having 9 girls tell you that you’re one in a million?

The track really brings out Mina and Chaeyoung’s usually shadowed vocals, and it’s a great for times when you need a little cheering up (see what I did there?).


“Whatever anyone says, don’t be shaken”

10. Good for You – Eric Nam 

I love Eric Nam’s smooth voice, and this track really makes me feel better after a tense day.

The track is a love song, but it doesn’t speak of love like most songs. It talks about helping a loved one feel better after a bad day, which is well, the reason why it’s perfect for relaxing after a stressful day.

There’s just something about the way Eric sings about champagne and lattes that makes me wanna say yes, even though chances are I’m in bed with a glass of soju alone.


“How about a latte at your favourite cafe?”

11. 다시 너를 – Mad Clown & Kim Na Young

This song hails from the OST of what is probably the most successful K-drama in 2016, Descendants of The Sun. The whole OST is rather brilliant, but this is my favourite track out of them all.

Like Letting Go, it’s an intense sad song, which if you haven’t realised by now, I am a sucker for. I love the meaning behind the lyrics, and the English words thrown it somehow make it sadder to me.


“I’m standing in front of destiny that has passed me by again”

12. 사랑가시 (Pricked) – WINNER (Mino & Taehyun)

This is one of my favourite WINNER tracks, although they don’t have many to begin with (YG you need to up your game and win me back since you let Taehyun leave).

The lyrics to the song are painfully relatable. It doesn’t talk about the light at the end of a breakup. It speaks of the nights you bury yourself under the sheets because you’re in so much pain you can’t breathe.

Taehyun’s voice somehow makes everything even more raw and emotional, and the melody itself is very melancholic and well, downright depressing. It makes me want to hug Mino until he tells me who is the terrible human who made him feel this way because well, someone made me feel like that once too.


“Just in case, don’t come back”


I’ve compiled the songs into a playlist on Spotify for anyone who’s interested.

See you in my next post 🙂 안녕~~


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