Drama in Review: Missing Nine (미씽나인)

Hello friends!! I’ve decided to try a new type of posts where I review dramas I’ve watched. Please bear in mind I’m no expert or critic, which means my opinions are quite irrelevant.

Today’s drama is called Missing 9 (미씽나인), a Korean drama by MBC which aired from 1/18-3/9 this year. It tells the story of an unexpected plane crash that causes a widespread panic in South Korea due to the disappearance of nine people, including some influential figures in the entertainment industry.

P.S: This whole post is filled with spoilers, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Although the drama was deemed a “commercial failure” and had a low viewership rating, I have to admit it was a pretty good show. Unlike most Korean dramas I’ve watched, romance wasn’t part of the main plot line, which I loved.

Missing 9 tells the story of how Legend Entertainment’s private jet crashed, causing 9 people to be stranded on an island. I had it pegged as a Korean version of Lost at first, but the show proved me wrong.

Instead of focusing on how tough it was having to survive on the island, the show focuses on how transitioning back to society was a challenge for the survivors, which is one of my favourite things on the show. Nothing much changes for the survivors once they escape the island and return to Seoul, because they realise they are still fighting for survival.

I first started watching the show because I heard Chanyeol of EXO would be in the show, and after Googling the plot of the show, it seemed interesting enough.


That being said, his character Yeol dies in the 5th episode and I wanted to give up on the show. But by then, the plot had me hooked and I couldn’t stop watching.


To make it easier for you to read the post since I’ll be naming people, here are some characters you need to know.


Back row (L-R): Ho Hang, So Hee, CEO Hwang, Tae Ho, Ji Ah, Gi Joon

Front row (L-R): Joon Ho, Bong Hee, Yeol

These are the 9 main characters and those who were on board the plane when it crashed. Other significant characters include Prosecutor Yoon (Who happens to be So Hee’s brother), Vice President Do Pal and Hye Kyung, the Chairwoman of the Special Investigations Board


This a drama full of plot twists and the most backstabbing you can imagine, but I’ll try to keep things simple for you.

Everyone works for CEO Hwang and his company, Legend Entertainment. Joon Oh, Yeol and Tae Ho are part of an idol group that has been disbanded, while So Hee and Ji Ah are actresses. Gi Joon is an artiste manager and Ho Hang is the CEO’s secretary, whilst Bong Hee is Joon Oh’s stylist. If you’re not already lost, let’s keep going.

Legend Entertainment’s private jet crashes en route to a company event, and all 9 of them are stranded on an island. Bong Hee is rescued 4 months after the plane first crashed, and So Hee’s corpse is found, with an autopsy revealing that she was murdered.

Of course a few episodes in, you realise that other than So Hee and Yeol, everyone is somehow survived, which is the most unbelievable thing about this show. What happened on the island is revealed slowly across the episodes, which is what got me hooked on the show.

Being the corrupt woman she is, of course Hye Kyung didn’t do a proper job investigating So Hee’s murder, which means that Prosecutor Yoon had to step in to find out who caused his sister’s death instead.

That’s all I’ll say, or else I’ll be spoiling the whole show before I know it.

What I loved:

The show had a dual storyline for most of the show, meaning what was happening after Bong Hee was found and what happened on the island were shown at the same time. I love how the scriptwriters teased the audience with bits of information about what happened on the island, instead of revealing it all at once.

The relationship the characters had with each other was also what kept me coming back week, after week, and I liked how despite the intensity of the show, there were always a few light-hearted moments thrown into each episode to break the tension.

The backstory of each character was also developed fantastically, and you soon come to understand the actions and thought process of these characters, letting you understand them better.

My favourite thing about Missing 9 is the lack of romance in the story, and when I say lack of romance, I mean it. Imagine all the romance in a typical Korean drama being replaced with betrayal and lies. That’s what Missing 9 is. The amount of plot twists and backstabbing among characters is enough to make this show a reality series, which is quite amazing, considering the show is only 16 episodes long.

What I hated:

I honestly didn’t hate much of the show, because I was hooked by all the plot twists and betrayals. But one thing I really did hate about the show, was Tae Ho’s character.


Tae Ho is supposed to be the typical bad guy in every story, the one who can kill someone and gets away with it. But what’s different about Tae Ho, is that he doesn’t have a redeeming backstory like most villains do.

Yes, the man is good looking, but I hated him from episode 1 all the way to the end of the show, and I spent a good number of episodes hoping he would die (but of course he didn’t). He kills people to survive on the island (RIP Yeol), which is understandable, but what I don’t understand is why he goes back to Seoul and continues killing.

That being said, his character is interesting, but I feel that there was room for the writers to develop his character and backstory better.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Missing 9 impressed me, but it isn’t the best drama I’ve ever watched. If you love tension and drama but think romance is overrated, this might be the show for you. Otherwise, you might want to stick to other dramas instead.

If you have any shows to recommend, do leave a comment and I will definitely check them out (since I have nothing to do anyways :’))

See you in my next post 🙂 안녕~~


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